About Us

Welcome to Katoure Kollection, where we are committed to bringing you a collection of timeless pieces to add to your wardrobe. Our passion goes far beyond trendy fashions to creating an array of styles that will last a lifetime. We strive to evoke a mindset, an attitude, and a pleasant feeling of you being able to wear what you desire and look good in it, regardless of age, body size or shape. We hope to offer clothing that will fit every person's unique sense of style.

Katoure Kollection offers sizes from S-3XL, and may occasionally have sizes XS, 4X, and 5X. Our goal is to provide fashion every person who chooses to wear will exuberate beauty, be classy and feel sexy while wearing. Whether you want just a casual lounge-around outfit, work wear or night out on the town apparel, we will have you covered. We want to create an atmosphere of wearing what you like, how you like, and when you like; in or out of season. Wear shorts and the color white in winter, put your cowboy boots and hats on in the spring, wear polka dots and stripes together, wear multiple abstract prints on any occasion...style is forever and should never be defined with limitations. We want to give every customer the ability to find stylish, comfortable attire that is suitable for their lifestyle. In other words, we would love to become your personal stylist.

As the saying goes, "She came to SLAY." Slay is defined as a verb to kill or murder by way of hair, makeup, and dressing exceptionally well. Let's just say hair and makeup is out of our range, but Katoure Kollection can most definitely assist you with the dressing well part with your own style. So let us help you be the "She that came to SLAY".

We hope to gain you as a customer for life and bring you the best online shopping experience ever.  Happy Shopping!